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Welcome to Sterilight Systems

We’re here to help keep you safe. It’s our job to ensure your commercial, residential, or healthcare facility stays sterile and germ-free through germicidal cleaning solutions. Take a look at some additional areas we specialize in:

Electrostatic sprayers

This electrostatically charged mist adheres to surfaces with ease. We spray and let the solution do its job.


All of our sanitizing solutions are approved by the FDA, WHO, and other international certifying bodies.

UV-C Light

Our hospital-grade UV-C light device kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria within 10 minutes

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From Electrostatic to UV-C

We like to call it high tech cleaning solutions. What you want is the confidence that your entire space will be germ-free. Through using the industry's most efficient cleaning techniques, we’ll sterilize your space in a fraction of the time.

Benefit Of Electrostatic Spraying

The fundamental nature of the way positively charged solutions stick to surfaces is incredible. This phenomenon is the reason why electrostatic sprayers can be used to efficiently sterilize even the most oddly shaped surfaces instantly.